White Bikini Bottoms

White bikini bottoms, like other skimpy beachwear of this color, are eye-catching and awe-inspiring. This is, of course, if they are on great well-tanned bodies. Bottoms in this color can be so sexy and revealing. The whiteness also tends to catch more attention. This clean color is simple and fun. It does not distract from the wearer’s great features. In fact, it can highlight your good physical features.

Anyone can wear beachwear in this hue. The harder part is to look good in these kinds of bathing suits. This, unfortunately, takes some time. You will need to consistently exercise and practice a clean lifestyle. Exercising gives you a great body. Add to that, you also become healthier and stronger. Make sure to have the big three when you exercise. Those are cardiovascular exercises, weight training exercises, and stretching. A complete workout gives you a strong and lean body. Mix in a good diet, enough sleep and clean living here and you get a body that many white bottoms will want to be worn on.

Of course, these beach apparel have a downside too. These bottoms, because of their color, are more prone to staining. This is due to many things: from the ice cream or Mai Tai you just had to your suntan lotion. Its culprit could even be the lining of the swimsuit.

Here are some tips to caring for your bathing suits that come in white:

1. Check before you buy. It is always best to examine the fabric and read the label first before any purchase. Make sure that the item passed quality standards in your country.

2. Wash your garment first before wearing them. And then, make sure to wash them after each use. When you machine wash, make sure to keep the whites together. Use the Gentle cycle for your swimwear. Do not use the dryer for them. Hang them dry instead.

3. Opt for water-based suntan lotion, instead of oil-based ones. Oil can react to heat and end up staining your prized beachwear. Likewise, make sure to wash your hands after you handle suntan lotions. Apply the lotion first before wearing your swimsuits. It is ideal to wear your swimwear only after the lotion application dries.

4. Do not use bleach on your swimwear. Many labels will also warn you against this. Bleach may harm items made of nylon or spandex, the common fabrics for bikinis.

5. In case of a staining accident, do not fret. Just soak your beach clothing items on a tub full of water and a tablespoon of stain remover. After an hour of soaking, the stain should be gone. Hang dry.