White Bikini Tops

White bikini tops are great beachwear. On a well-tanned body, wearing this color can make you stand out. You easily get noticed. Plus, the simplicity of light-colored tops is classic. You cannot go wrong with wearing them on the beach.

You can wear these beachwear items with white bottoms. This is a basic combination that is often seen in resorts around the world. Also, you can combine your them with print bottoms. Make sure to choose bottoms with a background hue that is either white or close to it. It should be the prints that contrast with the lighter colored tops.

White Bikinis

The hassle with tops in this clean color though is that these can get stained or smeared. It could be the ice cream or pina colada. It could be the suntan lotion, or it could be a bunch of other things. Caring for these delicate beach apparel is essential. Here are some tips.

1. The first thing to remember is to be careful with your selection of bathing suits, especially in this color. It is important that your top meet your country’s quality safety standards on clothing. Always check the label. Notice the make, as well as the necessary care.

2. Wash the delicate fabric of these bathing suits using the Gentle cycle of your washing machine. You should wash it right after purchase and before you wear it for the first time. Likewise, wash them after every wear. Do not dry using the Drying cycle. It is best to hang-dry swimsuits.

3. Avoid using bleach on these beach apparel. The common materials used in these items are spandex and nylon. These are sensitive to bleach and you might just end up ruining your precious bathing suits. To be sure, check the label regarding this matter.

4. Water-based suntan lotions are less prone to staining your white tops. This is when compared to oil-based suntan lotion. With oil-based lotions, the oil may react to the heat and stain through the fabric of your swimsuits.

5. It is also ideal to put on suntan lotions first before donning your white tops. Make sure to allow time for the suntan application to dry. Wash your hands after applying the lotion.

6. If you need to reapply suntan lotion, do so carefully. Keep away from the clean garment, especially the bikini’s triangles, which are the most noticeable parts of the top.

7. In case you do end up staining your two-piece ensemble, head to the store to get a stain remover. Soak the affected part on a solution of stain remover (about a tablespoon) and a tub of water. Hang dry these clothing items after an hour.