White Ruffle Bikini

The white ruffle bikini, oh how I love thee. This wasn’t always the case as I used to find them to be quite silly and a bit childish.

Have you ever been sitting on the beach and seen a twenty something girl frolicking around in a ruffle bikini and thought to yourself “She looks like she’s 12!” Well, I am right there with you. At least I used to be.

white ruffle bikini

I was given a rare opportunity to go behind the scenes on a photo shoot of a luxury bikini brand and what did I see? A white bikini with RUFFLES! I initially thought to myself, “Here we go with the ruffles”. But, this white ruffled bikini was luxurious, fit perfectly and looked fantastic! I could not stop myself from coveting this white ruffled bikini. I wanted this swimsuit for myself in the worst way!

The model wearing this adorable sweet looking bikini was tall, tanned and nothing short of beautiful. This white ruffle bikini took her look from gorgeous to the most approachable girl next door that you just knew was going to be sweet and fun to be around. This girl didn’t look 12 at all! The ruffled bikini gave her a youthful playfulness that no other suit had been able to.

My mind has officially been changed! I am no longer scoffing at these ladies choosing to wear ruffles. I have seen the light and the appeal of the newest trend. I never would have pictured myself in a bikini with ruffles (or anything in ruffles for that matter) however the tables have turned. The look is fun, flirtatious and girly no doubt about it.

Keep your eyes peeled for this new trend and don’t make the mistake of thinking that ruffles are just for little girls. Ruffles are for big girls too and maybe we can behave like little girls and get away with it when wearing ruffles. So in conclusion I say… Let’s get ruffled!