White Thong Bikinis

White thong bikinis are a godsend to ogling men and women who want some freedom in their beachwear. These pieces of white beachwear clothing can be jaw dropping, to say the least. They reveal so much of the wearer. You will need a healthy degree of moxie and a good body to pull off wearing them among the beachgoing public.

Because these skimpy bathing suits are white, they also tend to attract more attention. This is typical of garments of this color when worn on a golden tanned body. This is a plus, if you are after the attention and have a great body to flaunt.

The next problem now is to find beaches, which are lenient enough to allow you to comfortably wear these white bikinis. Some societies do not look so kindly on revealing outfits. Case in point, you definitely should not wear this type of outfit if you are in the Middle East. Others may allow these sexy beach apparel but you get lecherous stares every minute. It might not be worth it. So, it is important to choose your location. It is not just about wearing the outfit, it is also about being comfortable in it.

Here are some prospective sites for wearing these sexy bathing suits

1. French Riviera beaches: The resorts in this region are known to be very liberal. Depending on where you are, you may even find topless and nudist beaches. Popular sites are this in Monte Carlo and St.Tropez. While Monte Carlo is more known for gambling and the Formula One Grand Prix, its beachside setting is ideal for catching some sun. St. Tropez, on the other hand, is really well-known for its natural seaside sceneries. It is a hotspot for celebrity sighting. Most of the resorts of St. Tropez are along the coast of Baie de Pampelonne.

2. Thailand and Philippine water spots: These countries are used to Western culture and practices. Locals would not be shocked if you came out in your sexy white swimsuits. And to top it off, these countries have some of the world’s most awesome marine areas. Phuket in Thailand stands out for the variety of activities you can do while in the area. In the Philippines, Boracay and Puerto Galera are popular party hangouts. Coron, Bohol, Cebu and Batangas are also great if you are looking to add scuba diving in your list of activities.

3. South Beach, Miami: This is a great place to check if to get some tan and party. You will not lack for activities here, regardless of the time.